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What To Do if You Experience a Copper Theft at Your Home or Business 

San Antonio has recently experienced several copper-related thefts across the city.  While these can happen at any time of day, most happen in the late hours of the night. Below are tips and information to help navigate what to do if you experience a copper theft at your home or business.  

How are copper thefts related to CPS Energy?  

Copper is used by CPS Energy and our customers in certain types of electrical installations. Copper is also used as a system to protect the public and utility workers. When copper is stolen, it compromises the electrical system and can cause outages, serious injuries and even death.  

What should you do if you experience an outage due to copper theft?  

CPS Energy’s number one priority is safety. Treat all wires as if they are live wires. Do NOT attempt to move wires as the power lines may still have electricity running through them.  Copper theft is illegal, so if you or someone you know experience copper theft, call local law enforcement immediately and file a report. Once law enforcement is alerted, customers should call CPS Energy at (210)353-2222 and report both the theft and outage.  

What happens after the theft and outage are reported to CPS Energy? 

CPS Energy will arrive on-site as soon as possible to assess the copper theft and evaluate how to safely make repairs. If the damaged equipment is owned by CPS Energy, we will provide the necessary repairs to restore service.  Repairs are typically completed within 1-2 days depending on the extent of the damage to the CPS Energy equipment. 

If the damaged equipment is not owned by CPS Energy, we will advise you to contact an electrician to make repairs. CPS Energy is committed to working with the electrician and copper theft victim to ensure service is restored after repairs are made.  

What if my equipment is damaged (not owned by CPS Energy) and my power is out?  

 In this scenario, you must contact a qualified electrician for repairs and obtain a permit from your local city authority once repairs are completed. Once your repair is complete and you have your permit information, you can call CPS Energy at (210)353-4050 and we will safely restore power to your system.  

CPS Energy reminds customers to stay safe. If you see something say something. If you find yourself a victim of copper theft or any type of vandalization to your home or business, immediately contact local authorities and file a report.  For more information, please visit, information is also available in Spanish at  

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