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June 26, 2023 (SAN ANTONIO) – With record-high temperatures across the state, CPS Energy is continuing to provide resources to the community to help control energy bills. The utility has been working closely with customers to provide them with assistance and payment options that fit their needs. As of April 2023, CPS Energy has enrolled 74,000 accounts in installment plans – which represents $101 million. The end of April resulted in $189 million in past due balances, down from the $207 million due six months ago.

“One of our top priorities at CPS Energy is assisting our customers,” said DeAnna Hardwick, Chief Customer Strategy Officer. “We cannot stress enough the importance of customers calling us to connect and find a solution that best fits their needs. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with our customers as we approach the hot summer months.”

The total number of customers on installment plans is 74,000 which is more than 50% of past-due receivables. As a reminder, as is consistent with CPS Energy terms and conditions, CPS Energy will not disconnect throughout and two days after a weather advisory, such as the heat advisories the San Antonio area has been experiencing.

The CPS Energy Customer Engagement team is holding a variety of events throughout the community to connect with customers and provide them with resources. In May of this year, the team participated in 97 different community events. A list of upcoming events can be found here.  

CPS Energy urges customers to call (210)353-2222 for bill assistance and to learn about enrolling in a payment plan that best suits their specific needs. Customers are encouraged to sign up for Energy Alerts and are reminded to make sure their family has an emergency preparedness plan in case of a weather event or outage.  For information on emergency preparation and safety tips during extreme weather, click here.

The utility has also been utilizing its color-coded conservation levels that guide customers through simple daily conservation tips. These messages are communicated daily through the utility’s website, social media, electronic billboard and various other public outreach efforts. For more information on the color-coded levels, click here or follow CPS Energy on social media.


About CPS Energy

Established in 1860, CPS Energy is the nation’s largest public power, natural gas, and electric company, providing safe, reliable, and competitively-priced service to more than 907,526 electric and 373,998 natural gas customers in San Antonio and portions of seven adjoining counties. Our customers’ combined energy bills rank among the lowest of the nation’s 20 largest cities – while generating $9 billion in revenue for the City of San Antonio for 80 years. As a trusted and strong community partner, we continuously focus on job creation, economic development, and educational investment. We are powered by our skilled workforce, whose commitment to the community is demonstrated through our employees’ volunteerism in giving back to our city and programs aimed at bringing value to our customers. CPS Energy is among the top public power wind energy buyers in the nation and number one in Texas for solar generation.

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