CPS Energy partnership leads to 10 years of solar power growth plus benefits

You don’t need to be an expert in energy to know that solar power is here to stay. A major signifier of that happens to be right here in San Antonio—a top solar city in the nation. OCI Solar Power, one of the largest solar energy developers in Texas, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in San Antonio. CPS Energy leaders were excited to partake in the festivities, as our partnership with OCI Solar Power has led to the development of 500 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable, and reliable solar projects in San Antonio and throughout Texas. That’s enough to power 100,000 homes.

OCI Solar Power and its companies, including Mission Solar Energy and Sun Action Trackers, quickly became valuable partners when they arrived in San Antonio. The waves of innovation and technology that came from OCI Solar Power have made a significant impact on the city’s local economy and the development and growth of renewable energy here. Today, OCI Solar Power and Mission Solar Energy provide nearly 200 full-time jobs to members of our community right here in the Alamo City.

Photo of people in front of a solar panel farm.
OCI Solar and Mission Solar Energy has brought nearly 200 full-time jobs to members of the community in the Alamo City.

The anniversary celebration, held in the International Center, combined both the beautiful Korean and Mexican cultures and featured traditional Korean dance and drum performances as well as a mariachi group. Members of the OCI Solar Power executive team as well as Vice Chairman of OCI Company addressed local dignitaries, members of partner organizations and others who showed up for the 10-year luncheon.

Rudy Garza, Interim President & CEO at CPS Energy, congratulated OCI Solar Power and CPS Energy staff that first worked together to launch the partnership a decade ago.

“On behalf of my team I want to congratulate you on your success and our collective success together, especially this amazing partnership that we’ve developed,” said Garza. “This was the first-of-its-kind purchase power agreement and economic development agreement combined. Today, because of this strategic partnership with OCI Solar Power, San Antonio is a recognized Solar Superstar—number one in the state of Texas and number five in the nation for solar capacity. You know we have a goal to be number one and we’re going to keep driving towards that.”

The road to more clean energy for our community brings with it lots of opportunity. OCI Solar Power announced a new $500,000 partnership with St. Philip’s College and Project Quest to train job seekers for roles in the solar industry.

That comes on the heels of CPS Energy’s recently announced agreement with Consolidated Edison Development for 300 MW of new solar energy as part of our FlexPOWER Bundle initiative. The development of the solar farm will lead to 250-300 construction jobs and $500,000 to support CPS Energy’s community priorities, i.e. education and customer assistance, over a 10-year period.

Yes, solar power is here to stay and it’s a shining star with benefits!

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