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CPS Energy’s CEO Doyle Beneby receives national recognition for leadership in energy industry

The Keystone Policy Center honored national leaders and businesses at its 22nd Annual Leadership Awards Dinner on… read more

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Golden-cheeked Warbler, --photo courtesy USFWS

First meeting of Biological Advisory Team for Habitat Conservation Plan Meets

The first meeting of the Biological Advisory Team, a group of five biologists invited to assist… read more

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Energy saving materials

CPS Energy events offer relief from summer heat

Today CPS Energy begins a series of summer events designed to help our customers become more… read more

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Image of vultures on CPS Energy transmission tower

Joint effort aims to get rid of roosting vultures

In a joint effort, CPS Energy is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Joint… read more

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Your business can get paid to save this summer

A hot South Texas summer can pay off for local businesses. Higher temperatures during the summer… read more

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