Watch the game, but give the AC a break!

COVID-19 can take the fans out of the stadium this season, but it can’t take the fans out of the game. The regular season for professional football is kicking off this week, and more fans will be watching from home since they can’t be at the game. Regardless of how your team does this season, you can make sure your energy savings makes you a winner without missing a game.

Teams in the National Football League have been working on energy efficiency in their stadiums for years. For example, NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans uses 65,000 LED lights on the field which resulted in a 60% reduction in energy use compared to the old lighting system. With some simple steps, football fans across San Antonio can reduce their energy use too.

This football season, CPS Energy will be offering energy-saving tips that will help you enjoy the games without hurting your energy bill. To kick things off, let’s talk about your AC.

San Antonio is expecting cooler temperatures this week. Your AC has been working HARD this summer. We have seen plenty of days with highs in the triple digits. Take advantage of the cooler weather, especially overnight lows in the 60s, and let your AC take a break. Your budget will thank you at the end of the month.

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With the pandemic, most people won’t be having watch parties. But if you are going to a small, safe gathering to watch the game, be sure to bump your thermostat up several degrees. You won’t even feel it if you aren’t home. If you have a smart thermostat, you can even change the temperature back before you head back home.

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Every sports fan needs a ceiling fan. Even with cooler temperatures, the outcome of a game can make even the calmest person hot. Turning on the ceiling fan can make the room feel four to six degrees cooler. The ceiling fan will not help your team win the game, but it will help you look like a winner when you get your next energy bill.

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No one is excited that professional football stadiums will be devoid of fans this season, but safety is critical to mitigate COVID-19. You can still enjoy the games from home and save energy while you’re at it. Your pocketbook will thank you.