Triple digit temps equal higher bills, but there are ways to save

You’re about to open an email or envelope to see your utility bill for what’s been the hottest month this summer.

It’s the moment of truth – like when you’re standing at the register after wheeling the cart through the grocery store piling in item after item. Are you ready to know the damage?

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, checking out our tips on social media or cruising our website AND putting what you’ve read, seen or heard into action, you know you’ve done what you can to keep your bill down.

A great example is this video by Albert Cantu with air conditioning tips that will save you money. It’s our most-watched video every summer.

But if you haven’t done anything to become more energy efficient, get ready for some September sticker shock.

After a dozen or so days of triple degree temps this month, your bill will definitely be higher, perhaps even double the previous month IF you didn’t bump up the thermostat or take other steps to reduce the amount of energy you’re buying.

We often hear from customers who are surprised their bill has increased during the summer months, and they don’t understand why, because they haven’t changed the thermostat. But while the thermostat hasn’t changed, the weather outside has, which means the AC is now working harder to keep your on-the-verge-of-becoming-an-oven house cool.

The AC can only comfortably make up about a 20-degree difference from the outside temp to inside before it starts working really overtime, cycling on more often to try and reach the temp you set at your thermostat.

Since the AC is roughly 60 percent of your summer bill, that means higher summer bills.

If you’re like a lot of folks, you want the gas you put in the tank to get as many miles as possible. Maybe you flock to stores during Black Friday and day after Christmas sales to stretch your holiday dollars. So why not do all you can to manage your energy you use? In addition to bumping up the thermostat a couple degrees to save, see if you qualify for Casa Verde, our free weatherization program, or take advantage of our rebates on energy efficiency measures like insulation or a more efficient air conditioner.

Our offerings include something for almost everyone. If you’re a residential customer start by checking out

If you’re a commercial customer, we’d love to give you a free energy audit in preparation for becoming a Demand Response participant. Through Demand Response, many local businesses, churches and schools are helping us delay building the next power plant and giving an assist to the state grid to keep the lights on.

So, how about increasing your energy efficiency instead of dreading opening that email or envelope?

We’d love to help.


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