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TCEQ awards CPS Energy $3 million grant for solar battery storage program

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) have announced the award recipients for their New Technology Implementation Grant (NTIG) Program. The grant supports the implementation of new technologies that will reduce the emissions from facilities and other stationary sources in Texas. CPS Energy was successfully awarded $3 million of the total $3.5 million of grant funds available, which will kick off the Solar+Storage program.

The Solar+Storage project will help achieve a cleaner energy portfolio by implementing technology to reduce the emission of pollutants, consistent with the objectives of the NTIG program. The project integrates the most economically and technically viable blend of energy storage using a 5 MW – 2 Hour Lithium-ion system in conjunction with solar energy. The Solar+Storage project will be the largest energy storage system in Texas that shifts clean energy peak demand periods. The project will be completed before the 2018 deadline, and will be located within the CPS Energy service territory.

The innovative Solar+Storage business model will incorporate multiple storage services for integrating renewable resources to achieve maximum emission reduction, while providing the greatest economic and operational benefits to our community, customers, and the ERCOT grid. The project is estimated to have a 20- year life, which matches well with the photo voltaic array and balance of plant components.

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