Popular search terms reveal strong interest in solar jobs

San Antonians are searching for jobs — and many, it appears, would like to find work in the area’s burgeoning solar manufacturing sector.

While 2013’s top 10 most read posts on Energized, CPS Energy’s blog, were made up mainly of hard news — six of the 10 were related to the 4.25 percent rate increase approved by the City Council in October — a look at the most popular search terms that brought readers to the blog had an overwhelming focus on jobs.

“Nexolon solar jobs ripple across San Antonio,” published on July 10, noted that Nexolon America — now known as Mission Solar, to signify the company’s commitment to San Antonio — would hold a supplier fair later that month, looking for partners and subcontractors to help build out a solar module manufacturing plant at Brooks City Base that will create 400 permanent good paying jobs.

While that was the only jobs story to crack the top 10, the term “Nexolon,” in various combinations with “jobs,” “job fair,” “career” and “recruiting” made up 16 of the top 20 most popular search terms.

“It’s clear San Antonians are interested in the jobs created by CPS Energy’s New Energy Economy initiative,” said Monika Maeckle, director of integrated communications for the utility.

“Our partner companies like Mission Solar, OCI Solar and others have created 273 good-paying permanent jobs to date, and they’re committed to bringing even more jobs to San Antonio in the future,” she said. “That’s news that people want to hear.”

She said “Powering jobs in the New Energy Economy,” a series highlighting some of the San Antonians who now work in the growing solar sector, like Irene Gamez,a former certified nurses assistant who now works on the high tech assembly line at KACO new energy, have been popular with readers, and she promised more to come.

“These are stories of real people whose lives have been positively affected by this job growth,” Maeckle said. “It’s a story we’ll continue to tell.”


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Tracy Idell Hamilton

Tracy Idell Hamilton was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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