Nexolon solar jobs ripple across San Antonio

By on July 10, 2013

Let’s hear it for the ripple effect.

Nexolon America, a consortium partner with OCI Solar Power on the 400 MW deal with CPS Energy, showed off the construction underway at Brooks City Base last month for its solar module manufacturing plant.

The  plant will employ 400 people; 40 have already been hired by Nexolon America for its corporate office, which is now located in San Antonio. All together, the partners have committed to creating 800 jobs.

But the potential for job growth goes far beyond that 800.

Nexolon, OCI Solar and other partners will host a “supplier fair” on July 23. The consortium needs to contract with a wide array of local companies, for services as diverse as landscaping, soil testing, security, poles and wires maintenance, IT support, warehouse supply, laundry services, solid waste removal, recycling companies, plastics, steel manufacturers, and many, many more.

That’s why, using the same method the city of San Antonio and the Economic Development Foundation use to calculate direct and indirect economic development impacts, CPS Energy projects an almost $700 million economic impact by the time the plant is built and running at production capacity.

Just calculating the impact of the jobs created to date reveals a $137 million ripple effect to the local economy.

We’ll take it.

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      • Lisa on said:

        Is there a date set for the job or hiring fair been set up yet?
        I am very interested in working with the Nexolon company.
        Thank You….

        • Tracy Idell Hamilton on said:

          hi Lisa,

          This came straight from a rep at Nexolon: We will be having a job fair soon. Although we are shooting for some time in October (mostly for the production floor, equipment operator positions), in the mean time we have been posting on the Monster job board, in fact we just posted 10 positions (Production Managers, Quality, Production supervisors, etc.) and have received about 200 resumes so far.

          If you’d like you can tell them to check on Monster for current openings, and that they can also send their resumes to

  1. Curt Butler on said:

    Can you advise a contact/email address so I can send over some information on our product portfolio? We manufacture equipment in the solar cell industry to help move the silicon wafers throughout the process.
    Thank you.

  2. Ruby Ortiz on said:

    Do you know if there will be any training on installing Solar Powered panels. Or any kind of training provided to get these kind of jobs?

  3. Raquel on said:

    I guess they have moved the hiring date back further, since there has been no job fair and it’s already mid October. I would love to work for this company and have already sent my resume to the email you have provided. I just wish I could get the chance to speak to someone one on one (face to face). Hopefully they set up the job fair soon.

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