Serving up HOT energy tips for chilly days

The first cold snaps of the year have been rolling into town. You’ve already broken out the Spurs jacket from the back of the closet and put those rain boots to good use, but have you thought about preparing your home for the coming winter?

High energy bills are most common during the summer here in Texas, but severe cold can have the same effect, according to Pat Banda, an Energy Advisor Lead at CPS Energy.

“Energy conservation is important in the winter to lessen the impact of a high bill,” Pat said. “Customers should have their furnace checked, change out their filters and do some caulking. I’ve done this stuff at my house and it really makes a difference.”

If you haven’t prepared your home for cold weather, now is a good time. Take a few minutes to watch this video highlighting simple things you can do to save energy and money this winter.


All in all, Pat said these tips are easy to do and don’t have to cost much. And, they’ll help you get through those chilly winter nights.

“Layer up and lower the thermostat a few degrees,” she said. “If you can’t get caulking, use towels or blankets to cover the windows. Everyone wants to have a low bill and everyone wants to stay warm.”

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Trace Levos

Trace is a part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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