Resolve to save energy, lower your bill in 2015

It’s almost another new year, so it’s time to brace yourself for all of the talk of new year’s resolutions.

But forget all of those tired pledges friends and coworkers will make about losing weight, getting fit, or kicking a bad habit.

Here’s an idea – resolve to save energy and lower your electric bill. This one is almost too easy. And it won’t require you to eat rice cakes or join a gym.

Here are a few simple tips to help you achieve this goal:

  • Focus first on your heating and cooling system – it’s the biggest energy consumer in your home, so you can make a big difference:
    • During the cold months, keep your thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees. Come summer, try 78 and 80 degrees.
    • Use a programmable thermostat to manage your daily heating and cooling needs. Try a FREE Smart Thermostat or the Nest Learning Thermostat.
    • Try ceiling or portable fans to circulate air. During the summer, it will make you feel cooler. Reverse your ceiling fan during the winter to push the warmer air down.
    • If your house isn’t staying cool in the summer or warm in the winter, maybe it’s time for new insulation or a new heating and cooling system? Yes, these will cost you this year, but they will make that resolution solid for years to come. Our home efficiency rebates can help bring the cost down!
  • Lower your laundry costs:
    • Save laundering chores until after dark. Washers and dryers emit heat, making your AC run more.
    • Dry loads of clothes back to back to save the heat buildup in your dryer.
    • Clean the lint filter in between loads to improve your dryer’s efficiency!
  • Turn off the television, fan and lights or lamps when you leave a room. Remind the rest of the family to do the same!
  • Buy LEDs or CFLs to replace the old, less-efficient incandescent bulbs. It can add up. Check out our Lighting Savings Calculator.
  • Turn off or unplug electronic devices such as computers, power tools, and cell phone chargers when they aren’t being used. They silently steal energy and run up your bill.
  • Reduce your use of hot water. Take short showers and use cold water to wash clothes.
  • If you have to buy a new refrigerator or another appliance, go with an energy-efficient model. When shopping, check the Energy Guide label and look for the ENERGY STAR® logo.

Saving energy is a lot like losing weight – you control how much you choose to consume. These and other quick tips can make this resolution a reality. Make good choices and you’ll see healthy results over time.

Have a great, energy-efficient 2015!


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Scott Wudel

Scott was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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