Safe, Reliable delivery of Natural Gas continues through COVID-19

By now, we are realizing the precautions we have been taking to prevent COVID-19 will be kept in practice for some time still. Physical distancing, wearing masks, and using more hand sanitizer than ever before have all become the new normal. During this pandemic, however, as an essential service provider, we continue to be here for our community.

Our employees have been working to ensure our community continues to receive the essential services they need. Their commitment to work through a pandemic has been unwavering. Although COVID-19 has brought some long-term changes, providing reliable services is not new to us. It is a promise rooted in our People First philosophy.

This blog will focus on the team who works in our Gas Solutions department. In addition to being Public Power Week, it is also National Public Natural Gas Week.

Comprised of 230 employees, our Gas Solutions team provides service to 358,000 customers. From March 1 through September 30, they have installed or replaced nearly 34 miles of underground distribution lines and 8,000 gas service lines. They have also performed similar work on six miles of main lines used to transport large volumes of natural gas to customers.

Work also entailed installing service to 235 lots for the Valley Ranch Subdivision currently in development on the far west side of town.  Additionally, the team installed natural gas infrastructure to 79 lots on the far north side and 58 lots on the far east side of town.

A gas solutions crew installs natural gas service for a home in a new subdivision.

The work on new and existing infrastructure does not stop there. Crews also recently replaced a 30-inch diameter natural gas main along Foster Road- a civic project in partnership with Bexar County.

In addition to installing new infrastructure and making necessary repairs, team members known as troublemen, respond to suspected natural gas leaks. Since March 1, the team has responded to 4,614 requests related to suspected gas odors. Their average response time of 19 minutes is one of the best in the industry, proving that their commitment to Safety and putting People First remains a high priority despite a global pandemic.

Natural Gas charts

To accomplish this work and maintain safety through physical distancing, the Gas Solutions team took a proactive approach in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their enhancement of safety procedures ensured the utmost protection for employees and customers in response to COVID-19 while maintaining a high level of service for our community. As an essential service provider, we are here for our community. We understand the importance of reliable electric and natural gas service for you and your family. We continue to uphold our People First philosophy as we work for our growing city’s needs. 

John Moreno

John is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.