Rooftop solar program already generating customer interest

CPS Energy is pleased with the positive interest our proposed new rooftop solar program has already generated.

We hope to receive many proposals from companies interesting in partnering with us to bring solar to more of our customers. Meanwhile, we have already received many inquiries, from customers and our own employees, about how they might sign up.

Because we don’t yet know the parameters of the final program, it would be premature to create a sign up list. This program is the first of its kind, and it is a pilot – a test to see if a larger program would be successful.

Customer eligibility for the program will ultimately be determined by our chosen partner, based on a contract we approve. Once we have negotiated a contract, we will work together to make sure those who are eligible have a chance to be considered.

Developers have until March 6 to submit a proposal. After that, we will analyze the proposals and interview finalists. Once we identify the company and proposal we feel will have the best chance of success, we will negotiate a final contract. This could take several weeks.

At the appropriate time, we will work with our partner to publicize the details of the program and identify eligible customers.

A positive side effect of this early interest is that it may help us determine whether to expand the program. High interest is an indication that we could successfully expand the program and put solar on the rooftops of more customers.

We thank you for your patience and interest as we work through this process.

Tracy Idell Hamilton

Tracy Idell Hamilton was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

26 thoughts on “Rooftop solar program already generating customer interest

  • What is CPSEnergy using as parameters to determine who is an eligible customer?

  • hi Ernest,

    As I wrote above, the parameters of the program aren’t set yet, because we haven’t chosen a partner yet. Companies have until March 6 to submit proposals.

    After we choose one, we’ll publicize how the program will work and who might be eligible.

    Thanks for your interest.

    • I’m interested please let me know when and were can I sign up
      [email protected]

  • I am interested in this future solar energy program. I have a 750 sq ft home by woodlawn area with a solid upkept open roof area front and back, will do my upmost to clean and upkeep these loaned solar panels. Is there a place to sign up for a “notify when open”? [email protected]

  • I would also like to be notified when this program goes online.

  • Hi everyone,

    As I wrote above, and in the actual post, we can’t create any kind of sign up or notification, but we will widely publicize when we do know who might be eligible and how they might apply.


  • Why is CPS choosing only one company to do this when there are several solar companies out there? What will be the fate of those other companies after you choose your ONE partner and eliminate net metering? It sounds to me like another case of government choosing the winners and losers. The elimination of net metering will destroy the other companies because solar is unsustainable in a competitive marketplace – especially when you compete against a government entity.

    • Hi Ronald,

      We are not eliminating net metering. This program is aimed at those who can’t afford to buy solar for their rooftops. And nothing bars CPS Energy from choosing more than one developer if the program is succesful and is expanded.

      Hope this info helps.

  • When you have the details please email me as well. We are interested in the program also.

  • I am interested in the program as well so when you have the details could you please email me at [email protected]

  • Please send details on program. We are interest in program.

  • I am interested in the solar rooftop program. What is needed? How will you decide who will get in?

    • Like I wrote in this post, we don’t know yet how we’ll decide who is eligible for the program:

      We are seeking proposals now from potential partners. After the proposal period closes on March 6, we’ll review and score the various proposals with the aim of choosing one. Then we’ll negotiate the terms of the contract, and that will include eligibility. Once we have a contract, we will publicize the eligibility requirements and how customers can apply. Stay tuned.

  • Interested in solar rooftop program. Please send more details when available to
    [email protected] …. personal email, not a business.

  • Is the solar program underway? I’m very interested for my house!

    • Not yet, Cheryl. But we’re working our way towards it. We can keep your email address and make you aware when we launch the program. Sound good?

  • I’m waiting patiently to hear about the solar program.

  • please notify me when the program gets underway.

  • This was in the paper again on Sunday, 5 July 15; has CPS set up the parameters for the program? We would most definitely be interested in being part of the pilot program for the rooftop endeavor. Thanks

  • Please keep us on the list for updates and notifications of the pilot program- caught another article in the newspaper in JULY. THANKS KJ [email protected]

  • Saw report on tv tonight and am very interested. Is program underway?

  • I tried to compete application but website is not a working site. Please tell where to find an application. Apparently I missed it somewhere if you already have 1200 applications. Thanks so much!

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