Exponential savings: recycling the recycled water

CPS Energy takes the practice of recycling at our power plants to another level.

As many already know, we use treated effluent water from the San Antonio Water System’s Dos Rios water treatment plant to cool the power plants at the Calaveras and Braunig Power Stations.

But did you know that our environmental operations team also treats most of the wastewater generated from the plant’s industrial processes? The treated wastewater is recycled into the lakes over and over again as cooling water.

The quality of the recycled water is routinely tested by CPS Energy under the State of Texas wastewater permitting program (Texas Pollution Discharge Elimination System) to ensure it’s safe to return to the lakes at the power stations.

The shift from using ground water to recycled water saves an estimated 13 billion gallons of Edwards Aquifer water each year.

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Scott Wudel

Scott was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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