REAP, other programs can help San Antonians pay electric bill

When people are experiencing financial or personal difficulties, and are unable to pay their energy bill, CPS Energy wants to help.

Over the years, we’ve developed numerous programs to assist with such needs.

In 2002, CPS Energy, along with the City of San Antonio and Bexar County, established the Residential Energy Assistance Program, or REAP. A non-profit organization, REAP provides assistance to low-income families with children, elderly, or disabled in the household.

Last November, REAP marked its tenth anniversary. Since 2002, CPS Energy has contributed more than $10 million, and secured an additional $7.5 million for the program. That’s augmented by the generosity of CPS Energy customers, many of whom donate to REAP while paying their own utility bill.

Each year, CPS Energy contributes $1 million to the REAP fund, in addition to conducting fundraising activities throughout the year. The city, through its Department of Human Services, and the county, through its Department of Community Resources, each directly qualify applicants and disburse the money.

In 2012, 8,214 San Antonio households and 521 Bexar County households received assistance from REAP.

Donations from fundraising efforts have increased about 33% annually over the last four years. CPS Energy donates all administrative, fundraising, and support services to REAP.

Four years of donations from the public, not including the $1 million CPS Energy donates annually, shows a significant uptick in giving in the past two years.

Some households may also be eligible for our Affordability Discount.  In addition, Project WARM, the city’s emergency response component of REAP, provides another option for energy bill assistance.

CPS Energy also offers discounts for burned veterans, and special billing programs for seniors and disabled customers.

CPS Energy is made up of people who live in this community.  We attend the same churches as you.   Our kids go to the same schools as yours.  We understand that things happen and sometimes everyone needs help.  Sometimes just negotiating a payment plan is enough.

Most important: call at the onset of any difficulty.  We’ll do what we can to help.

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