Celebrate dad, help him save money with a quick online survey

Albert Vasquez makes frequent trips from Austin to San Antonio to help his 80-year-old dad, Pablo, pay bills and do work around the house. When his mom passed away, Albert stepped in to make sure his dad got the care he needed. The social security check that Pablo depends on each month hasn’t been enough to cover additional expenses like home repairs. In the process of searching for resources to ease his dad’s financial burdens, Albert visited cpsenergy.com and discovered he could help his dad apply for assistance programs to save energy and money. Within a few minutes, he filled out a quick online survey.

“It’s a great tool and easy to use,” said Vasquez. “I’m really glad I didn’t have to take off work and travel to San Antonio to see if my dad would be eligible for these programs.”

Information provided at the end of the survey showed Vasquez that his dad could apply for several programs, including:

Within a few days, Vasquez received the application forms, and at his convenience will be able to mail them in for his dad.

“It’s challenging when you have an elderly parent that doesn’t want to admit he needs help,” said Vasquez. “He never asks for help from anyone, so taking the online survey was a help to both of us. Thanks, CPS Energy!”

If you would like to help a loved one apply for assistance programs or would like to apply yourself, take a few minutes to fill out this quick online survey.

Or, you can come speak to a CPS Energy rep in person at our next event on Thursday, June 25 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you think you qualify, we hope to see you there!

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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