Puppy rescued from CPS Energy yard gets forever home for Christmas

A warm home and a loving family are making the season brighter for a stray puppy rescued from a CPS Energy equipment yard two weeks ago.

CPS Energy employee Erik Spencer and his family happily adopted the puppy, nicknamed Sparky, from SNIPSA – Spay, Neuter, Inject, Protect of San Antonio – and welcomed him into their home last weekend. It’s easy to tell that the little yellow Labrador mix is already making the holidays brighter for the Spencers.

SNIPSA will have an adoption event this weekend at Whole Earth Provision at the Quarry Market.

“Christmas came early, especially for my 3-year-old daughter, Grace,” said Spencer.  “We renamed him Piper because he was living in pipes at the equipment yard. Grace and Piper are getting along great.”

CPS Energy employee Erik Spencer adopted Sparky, now Piper, as a companion for his family.
CPS Energy employee Erik Spencer adopted the pup, now Piper, as a companion for his family.

Spencer first learned about the puppy when he watched KSAT 12 reporter April Molina’s story. When he learned about the puppy’s rescue and read in an employee publication that he was available for adoption, Spencer didn’t waste time applying through SNIPSA.

“We felt the timing was right. We previously owned a yellow lab that had passed away,” he said. “So many people go out of their way to buy dogs, but there are dogs right here in San Antonio that need help. It’s really rewarding to be able to rescue a dog and give it a good home.”

Spencer’s co-workers Rosalinda Martinez, an administrative assistant, and Jose Caceres, a business account manager, helped coordinate rescue efforts for the little pup.

Rosalinda Martinez of CPS Energy’s WARM group, holds Sparky — now Piper — after a crew used a crane to move heavy pipes and rescue him.

Martinez is part of an employee club called Worthwhile Animal Rescue Mission (WARM), which provides employees with information about rescuing strays, adoption and access to resources such as spay/neuter programs like the “Big Fix” that can prevent animals from being euthanized.

“We want to reach more employees and create a network of foster care for strays like Piper that we find on CPS Energy properties,” said Martinez. “Our ultimate goal would be to get about 25 percent of employees willing to foster.”

John Benedict, senior vice president and chief administrative officer, is the executive sponsor of WARM. Check out this video of him talking about the club’s mission:

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/vqjhE_ImUDU”]

Caceres and his wife took Sparky into their home through SNIPSA’s foster program until Spencer finished the adoption process. They’ve fostered dogs for a few years, so keeping the pup was just another opportunity to help an animal in need.

“SNIPSA makes it easy to foster,” said Caceres. “It really is not an inconvenience. All you have to do is provide a home and some attention. Fostering is great because it gives these animals another chance.”

The sad reality is that many unwanted pets end up in shelters and are eventually euthanized. According to SNIPSA, more than 100 animals are being euthanized every day in San Antonio. SNIPSA makes it easy to foster, providing food, crates, toys, collars/leashes and veterinary care. In return, fosters are asked to provide a temporary loving home for the rescues while they await their forever homes.

“We heavily rely on foster care for our rescues and volunteers for our events, so if you want to help, please contact us or apply,” said Jacy Elrod, SNIPSA’s operations manager.

If you’re able to provide a forever home to a cat or dog, Elrod said the holidays are a great time to rescue a pet. However, she advises people to avoid surprising someone with a pet for Christmas.

“Take your time when you’re looking for a pet and invite the whole family to meet the animal when you visit shelters or come to one of our adoption events,” said Elrod. “Getting a pet is a long-term commitment, so it’s important to give the family an opportunity to bond with a pet. It’s important to make sure our two-legged friends match up well with our four-legged friends.”

The City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services (ACS) also provides a wealth of resources for pet owners and anyone who wants to become a pet owner. ACS organizes a FREE Spay/Neuter program for pet owners living in certain zip codes.

As for WARM’s continued efforts to rescue pets, the story isn’t over. Martinez said five stray puppies were recently rescued from CPS Energy’s East Side Service Center and will soon be available for adoption. Keep up with their status through the Animal Defense League of Texas, on our Facebook page or through Twitter.

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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