VIDEO: Power plants, crews prepare for arctic blast

Today, much of Texas is experiencing the impact of another arctic blast. The first of the year is always the coldest time in South Texas, and with cold temperatures comes an increase in energy demand as folks try to stay warm.

CPS Energy has taken steps over the past few months to make sure power plants are ready and remain in operation during the even the coldest temperatures, when energy demand is highest.

We do everything from position portable heaters to protect sensitive equipment to stocking up on food and water for the crews that run our power plants 24/7.

Check out this video showing how and why we prep for freezing weather:

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CPS Energy’s winter storm preparations are part of a statewide effort to help ERCOT protect the state electric grid and ensure Texas has enough electricity to avoid the possibility of rolling blackouts.

Roy Galvan

Roy is part of the Corporate Communications team & videographer at CPS Energy.

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