Breakdown of fuel costs increases transparency: Letter from the CEO

Correction appended, below. In my three-year tenure thus far at CPS Energy, I've received a great deal of valuable feedback,… read more

August 30, 2013

City Council nominates Nexolon America as State Enterprise Project

The San Antonio City Council voted Thursday to nominate Nexolon America's solar manufacturing plant for designation as a State Enterprise Project.… read more

August 29, 2013

CPS Energy Board Invites Public to Rate Case Input Session

CPS Energy’s Board of Trustees is hosting a public input session to receive feedback from customers about a proposed rate increase that, if approved… read more

August 28, 2013

More than just flipping a switch: the business behind the energy business

When you think of your energy company, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the crews you see… read more

August 28, 2013

San Antonio school districts reap the benefit of energy efficiency

Good ideas are always welcome in the classroom, so it’s no surprise two San Antonio school districts welcomed the bright… read more

August 27, 2013

Reading Scores Significantly Improve Through Reading Buddy Program!

(San Antonio, TX) – Local public school students are getting ready to head back to classes, and so are CPS Energy Reading Buddies.… read more

August 23, 2013

How ceiling fans can make saving energy a breeze

Ever sat in a hot room and started to fan yourself with whatever's on hand? Sheets of paper, a magazine,… read more

August 22, 2013

CPS Energy’s CAC, Citizen’s Advisory Committee, needs to fill vacancies

It might not be the most glamorous political appointment, but serving on CPS Energy’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee offers a fascinating… read more

August 21, 2013

CPS Energy’s Intern 101: Meet Daniel Carreno

Meet Daniel Carreno, an incoming senior at Wagner High School. Daniel spent this past summer as an intern working in… read more

August 19, 2013

More than just flipping a switch: how electricity gets to you

Everyone knows that electricity travels along the wires we see along streets and across fields and over the countryside. It… read more

August 15, 2013
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