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Our Overall Commitment to the Environment

The following is a statement in regard to recent environmental concerns related to groundwater contamination from coal plants.

At CPS Energy, powering your homes, businesses, and neighborhood communities in a safe, environmentally responsible and affordable manner is our number one priority. We responsibly handle coal combustion residuals (CCRs or coal ash), ensuring that we meet or exceed the requirements of the CCR Rule that is administered at a federal level by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We have a team of dedicated professionals who monitor and measure environmental impacts and ensure they are minimized and/or eliminated, where possible. As required by the methodology and standards of the CCR Rule, a groundwater monitoring well system was established throughout the site.  The wells have been placed with assistance from a third-party environmental consulting firm in accordance with the CCR Rule. 

CPS Energy has had a long-term practice of recycling coal ash, and with the closure of the Deely Units, the process will become more efficient. Since the early 1990s, CPS Energy has recycled more than eight million tons (nearly 100%) of coal ash. Our recycled coal ash is used to make stronger and more durable concrete for roads and buildings. Our recycling decreases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated from the construction industry.  

Years ago, we started the process to reduce our coal and gas use and increase renewables. We will continue to maintain a monitoring program at the Calaveras Power Station that is home to the J.K. Spruce 1 & 2 plants. By 2040, we anticipate a decrease in older technologies and a natural progression to newer and cleaner technologies through our Flexible Path.

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