New employee shares how CPS Energy internship launched his career

Brad always set his sights high on a future career, but he never knew his future job would involve flying drones. Last summer during his CPS Energy internship, his hard work and determination helped him launch an innovative career.

In college, job opportunities started lining up for Brad. He’d worked hard at Texas A&M to get his Agricultural Economics degree and was on the hunt for a rewarding career. His first choice for a dream job was to return home to San Antonio and work for a company that served the community he loved. He also wanted to find a workplace that valued his potential and would help him grow professionally.

“Job stability is important to me,” said Bradley Goforth, a Vegetations Coordinator for our Energy Delivery Services (EDS) team. “I wanted to have an opportunity to grow within a company and CPS Energy seemed like the best fit for it.”

Without any specific job leads, Brad decided to make the most of his summer internship at CPS Energy, a company that puts People First. Working with our Facilities team, Brad was immediately brought into an important project involving our new headquarters. He was invited to attend high-profile meetings with executives and was recruited to do research about new features under consideration for the building. He also took the initiative to learn about other business areas to get a broader understanding of the company. He did everything he could to make good first impressions.

“I shook every hand I could and spoke to everyone I could,” said Brad. “I was taken serious from day one and that made a huge difference. I knew I couldn’t be shy. I wanted to make the most of my opportunities.”

Brad’s determination paid off. At the end of the summer, he learned about an open position with the EDS team and applied for it. Today, as a full-time employee, he coordinates and schedules maintenance of trees and vegetation that grow near power lines that puts them at risk of power outages.

Some power lines are nearly impossible for our line crews to reach in remote locations. That’s where the drones come in. Brad’s team has started using drones to inspect lines and assess if any repairs/maintenance are required. His team also uses them at the power plants to inspect inside the 20-story boiler, which is used to turn water into high pressure steam for power generation.

Brad is in the process of becoming licensed and certified to fly drones by himself. His team is also getting the word out to other teams across the company to see if drones could be used to improve their business practices and processes. Using drones could increase reliability and safety – two of CPS Energy’s six foundational pillars.

“I love that we’re bringing this kind of innovation to the table for CPS Energy,” he said. “It’s great to work with different teams and to be granted the time to learn and become licensed to operate drones.”

Brad was one of a dozen interns we hired last year to fill various full-time positions across the company. As CPS Energy and our services continue to grow, so does our need to maintain a strong pipeline of new talent to fill critical roles.

“Brad was exactly the kind of intern we look for to hire,” said Cristina Duarte, Manager of Education & Mentoring Programs for CPS Energy. “He took initiative at every turn during his summer with us, worked hard with every work task he was given and was a team player all around. We knew he would be a great fit in our People First culture!”

Are you or someone you know interested in a summer internship with CPS Energy? Click here to learn more and apply! The deadline to apply is March 20.

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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