Natural Gas Week celebrates clean, affordable, reliable energy

With 338,951 of its customers tapping in to energy efficient, cost effective natural gas, the CPS Energy community has much to celebrate as Natural Gas Week comes to a close. The week-long recognition of natural gas as a clean fuel source runs every year during the first week of October.

John Gonzalez
Journeyman locator John Gonzalez locates a gas line in a downtown yard during National Gas Week. Photo by Monika Maeckle

CPS Energy has about 5,426 miles of gas pipelines running through its service territory. The gas lines, overseen by 211 dedicated team members, cover 849 square miles of the service territory.

People like John Gonzalez, Journeyman Locator, visit an average of 30 homes, businesses, and empty lots slated for development each work day to make sure customers and the community avoid hitting a gas line that could result in an accident.

Digging a hole to plant a tree or a trench to rebuild your sidewalk? Call 811 before you plant that shovel in the ground in order to avoid an accident.

damaged gas pipe
Here’s what happens when you don’t call before you dig. Photo by John Gonzalez

“Natural gas uses less energy, heats quicker, and it’s cleaner,” says Gonzalez.

CPS Energy has embraced natural gas as part of its “all-of-the-above” diverse energy portfolio. Natural gas ranks as the cleanest fossil fuel available.

Generally, natural gas plants emit about half the carbon dioxide generated by coal plants. In addition, natural gas plants emit less nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter (PM)–even compared to coal plants outfitted with advanced pollution control (APC) technologies.

Natural gas inevitably results in lower emissions and cleaner air–big pluses for our community.

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