Meter Readers to work Saturdays through early December

UPDATED: Nov. 21, 2014
Unless there is thunder and lightning, CPS Energy meter readers and contractors will be on the job tomorrow and for the next few Saturdays.

The holidays and a reduced number of weekdays during this month and December is leading to the weekend work. Because November started on a Saturday, there are only 18 non-holiday, workdays to read CPS Energy’s 1.1 million meters.

Customers are asked to provide access to the CPS Energy meter during the meter reading dates listed on the back of their bills (Manage My Account users will find the dates on page two of their previous bill file). Access to the meter will ensure an accurate bill.

All meter readers wear shirts and jackets with logos that either identify them as being with CPS Energy or a contractor for CPS Energy. They also wear badges.

Customers are reminded that employees and contractors will:
• NEVER threaten customers with disconnection of service by phone or in-person.
• NEVER direct customers to purchase pre-paid cards to make payment.
• NEVER call customers to request any credit card or banking information.
• NOT ask to enter a house unless the customer initiates the request for service or has received prior notification.

Customers can call (210) 353-4000 any time of the day or night to verify the employee number and name of anyone who approaches their home.

Christine Patmon

Christine is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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