CPS Energy recognized for lean, green fleet

At CPS Energy, we’re continuing down the road of sustainability, reducing emissions and our carbon footprint.

Among our numerous initiatives, we employ renewable power generation and energy-saving rebate programs. Beyond these earth-friendly efforts, we were recognized this month with a Green Fleet Award at the 2014 North American Green Fleet Forum.

CPS Energy placed 39th this year, earning one of the Top 50 Green Fleet Awards nationwide.

One of the leading reasons for our success is that we’ve reduced our operational fleet by more than 250 vehicles over the past two years. That translates into lower capital, maintenance and fuel costs, which in turn represents savings for the company and our customers.

Daniel Saenz, Journeyman Mechanic; Mark Jarzombek, Fleet coordinator and Harold Lambert, Journeyman Mechanic are part of the operational fleet team that earned a Green Fleet Award this year.
Journeyman Mechanic Daniel Saenz, Fleet Coordinator Mark Jarzombek and Journeyman Mechanic Harold Lambert are part of the team that earned a Green Fleet Award this year.

“Our goal is to reduce our fuel consumption by 20 percent by 2020,” says Tommy Johns, CPS Energy interim fleet operations manager. “We’ve already reduced our annual fuel consumption by more than 6 percent over the last three years, and more than 13 percent of our on-road vehicles are low carbon.” Our fleet includes three hybrid, four CNG (compressed natural gas), 14 electric and 256 flex-fuel vehicles.

Other ways we’re helping reduce our environmental impact include refueling vehicles and equipment in late evenings during the hot summer months, and incorporating anti-idling technology.

Our Fleet team also participates in our company’s robust recycling program, by recycling antifreeze and scrap metal, and establishing a tire recapping program to extend a tire’s useful life. Once a tire is no longer deemed useful, it’s ground up and repurposed for playground equipment and paving needs. They’ve also installed water recycling systems at maintenance facility wash racks.

When it comes to incorporating environmentally friendly measures, CPS Energy and our dedicated Fleet team are headed in the right direction.


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Pam Maris

Pam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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