More Than Just Fluff, Attic Insulation Can Be Great Stuff

While temperatures continue to fluctuate from hot to cold this fall season, attic insulation can help stabilize temperatures inside the home. CPS Energy customers can take advantage of rebates for attic insulation to help save energy and lower their bill either DIY style or by using a professional.

Last year, more than 2,000 customers received a rebate for upgrading attic insulation. The projects resulted in nearly two million kilowatt hours of electricity saved, equaling the average annual electricity use of 146 homes.

Keep the following in mind when considering attic insulation:

  • In winter, it increases energy efficiency by keeping warm air in your home instead of rising into the attic.
  • In summer, it stops hot air in the attic from falling into the living area. In South Texas, attic temperature can reach upwards of 140 degrees.
  • Make sure the insulation covers all areas of the attic; blown-in insulation is a great option.
  • CPS Energy recommends an attic Insulation level of R-38.
  • By following these guidelines, customers can receive $0.25 per square foot of attic insulation installed.

So far in 2013, CPS Energy has rebated nearly $600,000 for attic insulation projects with $260,000 still available through the end of December.  For more information on all CPS Energy rebates, visit

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