How Can I Calculate My Energy Usage and Cost?

When you walk around your house, you’ll see lots of things that need energy to work: lights, air conditioner, TV, appliances, electronics…the list goes on and on. You may find yourself thinking, how much does it cost to run each of these things?

CPS Energy has six convenient, easy-to-use calculators to help you estimate how much money each energy-reliant item in your home is costing you. These calculators will not only help you to tentatively plan your budget, but more importantly, you’ll be able to see ways to reduce your energy use and put money back in your pocket.

Energy Cost Calculator

The Residential Energy Usage Calculator can help you estimate your monthly usage cost, based on projected electricity and/or gas use and other criteria. This calculator gives you a good overall snapshot of your estimated monthly usage and cost, and it also has a helpful section on how to read your bill.

Programmable Thermostat Calculator

You probably already know just how much your air conditioner could be costing you but the good news is you can easily save money by installing a programmable thermostat. CPS Energy offers a free Wi-Fi Honeywell programmable thermostat with free installation that can control the temperature at home from the Internet using your smart phone. Use this calculator to see just how much you can save with this simple change.

Lighting Calculator

The next time your kids roll their eyes at you when you ask if they turned out all the lights in their room, use this calculator to show them how much money they could help the family save with just a little extra effort.

Appliance/Electronics Calculator

Appliances and electronics are often-overlooked contributors to your bill, so use this calculator to see the estimated annual cost of each one. From refrigerators and electric blankets to crock pots and computers, this handy application can help you total it all.

TV Calculator

TVs, game consoles, cable boxes and DVD players can all cost you. Use this calculator to see just how much before you start your next Netflix binge.

Phantom Load Calculator

Did you know your appliances and electronics use energy when they’re plugged in, even if they’re not turned on? This is referred to as “phantom load.” Use this calculator to figure your approximate phantom load and make plans to reduce it for an easy way to save.

Summer is a peak energy usage season here in San Antonio. In addition to these calculators, visit our Simple Summer Savings page to learn even more ways to save money on your bill as we slowly creep toward autumn.

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