BBQ teams ready to compete for a good cause at tomorrow’s GrillsGiving

More than 30 BBQ teams, including 17 CPS Energy teams, will put their grill skills to the test at tomorrow’s 3rd annual GrillsGiving BBQ cook-off. While you might expect competitors to be primarily focused on winning, several CPS Energy teams just want to have fun competing for a good cause.

“When you’re having fun, the creative juices start flowing,” said Tommy Johns, Interim Director of Fleet Performance. “We don’t want to make it too much like work. We want our team members engaged and ready to create an environment that is fun and beneficial to everyone. We’re not as deeply focused on winning as we are on helping customers through REAP.”

GrillsGiving is a fundraiser for the Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP). All proceeds go to REAP, our bill assistance program, to help the elderly, medically dependent and low-income families with young children pay their utility bill.

Over the last couple of months, Tommy has been helping four BBQ teams from Fleet Management and Enterprise & Public Safety prepare for competition. The posse of pitmasters will be wearing sombreros, cowboy hats and bibs while serving up a variety of sampler plates for attendees. Safety Professional Bobby Elizondo and team members of “Big Bob’s Belly Rubbin’ BBQ” have been honing their grill skills on the weekends.

“GrillsGiving is all about us sharing some laughs and good times for a good cause,” he said. “We’ve had fun trying out different BBQ pits and cooking for our families on the weekends to prepare.”

This weekend’s forecast calls for temperatures in the 60’s – perfect for grilling, dancing to some live music, and for the little ones to enjoy lots of children’s activities.

Teams will set up BBQ pits and equipment on Friday evening. Then, start cooking brisket around midnight and will cook other meats until late afternoon. Construction Coordinator Rogelio Garcia says he and his team, Lone Star Cookers, are committed to doing whatever it takes to grill tasty meat for everyone to enjoy.

“The toughest part is getting up early and taking turns cooking,” said Rogelio.  “If you don’t have a place to sleep, you just try to take a nap in your truck.”

Rogelio says good teamwork and camaraderie help his team get through the long day.

Rogelio Garcia and the Lone Star Cookers enjoy cooking up some juicy ribs, brisket and chicken for a good cause at GrillsGiving.

“Our unity is our strength,” he said. “Our team of employees and retirees enjoy working alongside each other. Win or lose, we’ll know we achieved our goal if we have fun and benefit REAP.”

Join us in helping fellow San Antonians in need with winter energy bills while enjoying tasty BBQ, live music and family fun at GrillsGiving this Saturday. Get a $5 discount with promo code REAP. Click here to purchase tickets.


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