Get ready for summer

Although the official first day of summer is just days away, warm temperatures are already here, and forecasts predict another scorching summer in San Antonio. For many, that means bumping down the thermostat to beat the heat and humidity and skyrocketing energy bills that summer brings.

Spikes in energy bills because of increased energy use are an unwelcome occurrence and CPS Energy is once again offering customers tools and resources to help manage their energy usage, tips for reducing their energy consumption and opportunities to save money during the hottest time of the year. These offerings, coupled with simple adjustments to energy-use habits, can help customers reduce their need for energy and save money even in the heat of the summer.

“High heat doesn’t have to mean high energy bills and it certainly doesn’t mean customers have to be uncomfortable during the hottest time of the year,” said DeAnna Hardwick, Interim Vice President – Customer Success. “In fact, customers can save energy and money by taking simple steps to reduce their consumption especially when demand for electricity is at its highest.”

While CPS Energy has enough energy capacity to meet the needs of its customers, the community’s ability to reduce demand will benefit others across the state.

To manage consumption and costs, CPS Energy offers savings on WiFi thermostats for both residential and commercial customers and an online energy management tool, My Energy Portal. WiFi thermostats help manage your home’s temperature from anywhere, anytime using a smart device while the My Energy Portal lets you see the energy you use as you go – both are invaluable tools to help lower your energy bill.

Laura Jacobs, Community Outreach Manager with CPS Energy, often hears the concerns from customers about high summer energy bills. “During the summer, I get a lot of inquiries from our customers about high energy bills, our programs and how to save,” Laura said. “Now is the perfect time to be thinking ahead and taking actions to manage energy use and costs and we have so many tools and resources available to help.”

Customers are able to utilize a variety of rebates and solar programs to maximize savings while becoming more energy efficient and there are several assistance programs for those who may need a little help.

CPS Energy is also taking these resources to the streets and straight to customers with People First! Community Fairs. Representatives from several CPS Energy departments and community partners are available to give customers tips and information about products, programs and services and showcase the latest technology that helps manage energy bills year-round.

And to reduce consumption during high peak demand days, CPS Energy has brought back its Simple Summer Savings campaign. The campaign helps promote energy efficiency to help the San Antonio community conserve energy during this important time.

Following simple tips over the entire summer will help ensure that power is used wisely, while minimizing energy-intensive tasks, especially during the peak usage hours of 3:00-7:00 p.m.. CPS Energy is proactively asking their customers to implement low-cost energy-saving measures and to respond to “peak-energy days” by conserving energy when prompted by billboards, CPS Energy’s social media channels, website, direct email and media.

Between 3:00-7:00 p.m., the hottest part of the day, CPS Energy typically see a spike in electric consumption when area temperatures reach their highest and most people are returning home from work. Although electric demand is expected to be below CPS Energy’s capacity, customers can help minimize the impact on the Texas grid by following a few simple tips.

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