Gas Pipe and Meter Not Part of Cold Weather’s Three Ps

A cold front moving into South Texas is expected to bring near freezing weather to Greater San Antonio for the first time this season. CPS Energy is asking customers preparing for the cold weather not to wrap the gas pipe or meter as they take care of pets, plants and pipes.Natural gas does not freeze so it will continue to flow and service will not be interrupted by low temperatures. However, wrapping the pipe and meter could prevent meter readers from getting an accurate read and cause a customer’s bill to be estimated. CPS Energy serves more than 331,000 natural gas customers.Customers also are reminded to check appliances to make sure they have a blue pilot or burner flame. A yellow flame indicates improper combustion and the presence of carbon monoxide (CO), otherwise known as the silent killer. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in sleeping areas and refreshing the batteries twice a year can prevent CO poisoning.

Other safety checks to make your home safer this fall and winter include:

  • Replace or clean furnace filters monthly, and reinstall furnace filter doors properly.
  • Leave a window open a couple of inches when using a gas space heater.
  • Never heat a room with a gas range, oven or clothes dryer.
  • Never let a car or truck idle in the garage with the garage door closed.

Visit CPS Energy’s blog Energized for more carbon monoxide and natural gas safety tips.

One thought on “Gas Pipe and Meter Not Part of Cold Weather’s Three Ps

  • Thanks for pointing out that you shouldn’t try to heat a room with a gas range. That is good for me to know as winter gets closer. It might be smart for me to get a plumber to check my gas line.


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