Power of perseverance. Father inspires next generation

David Stockhorst, Service Restoration Journeyman, has built a rewarding career during his 23 years of service at CPS Energy.

To commemorate Father’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight on this team member who is one of many hard-working dads at our utility.

David’s perseverance and sacrifice have inspired his children, David Stockhorst Jr., Distribution Trainee, and Katelyn Stockhorst, Financial Analyst, to build their own careers at our company.

“My dad has taught me that family is everything and I can do anything that I put my mind to,” said Katelyn. “He values our family and has worked hard and sacrificed a lot.”

David Jr. says his dad taught him a valuable lesson; to never give up. His dad was working at a local printing company when a co-worker suddenly lost his job. David Sr. decided it was time to move on and started his journey with CPS Energy as a utility worker in 2001. The role meant less money initially and he had to get comfortable with working outdoors. But he felt this could be a rewarding career opportunity.

A photo of Stockhorst children looking up at David Stockhorst Sr.

“The need for job security really hit me in the face,” said David Sr. “Taking a pay cut was a big challenge for us, but I really needed to consider the future.”

His son was eight years old at the time and recalls David Sr. returning home from work with greasy, sweaty clothes.

After 17 years with our utility, his dad completed the CPS Energy apprentice program to become a journeyman in 2018. Perseverance paid off and he was now at the top of his craft.

A family portrait of David Stockhorst family
The Stockhorst Family celebrates David’s graduation to become a journeyman in 2018.

In his current role, David Sr. investigates the cause of outages and helps team members restore electricity for customers. He’s often the first on scene when a vehicle hits a utility pole, knocking out power for homes and businesses nearby. The journeyman diverts the electrical current away from the scene of the crash to protect first responders and anyone they’re working to rescue.

David Sr. has set a fine example for his children; they’re the second generation in his family to work for our company. Katelyn started as a summer intern. In 2022, she was hired full time after graduating from Texas Tech University with a Master of Science in accounting.

“It is truly a gift to be able to work at CPS Energy along with my dad and brother,” said Katelyn. “Although I am not out in the field with them, I don’t take for granted the opportunities to hear stories about my dad when he was starting out in his career. I hope I am at least half the hard worker he is and continue making him proud. “

A photo of David Stockhorst Jr. working during CPS Energy's storm response
David Stockhorst Jr. uses a hot stick, one of many tools our Storm Response team used to help restore power in Houston.

Katelyn’s brother is hoping to follow in his dad’s footsteps as a journeyman. He certainly knows about perseverance. He submitted 30 job applications before getting hired at our company in 2020.

David Jr. was on the Storm Response team that recently traveled to Houston to provide mutual aid for CenterPoint Energy. Destructive storms left more than 900,000 of their customers without power and several utilities answered the call for help.

Before the trip to Houston, David Jr. says his dad stopped by his workplace with a care package. Father and son share a family bond and the work experience of providing mutual aid to communities in need. In 2005, David Sr. traveled to help people impacted by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

He has passed down words of wisdom and encouragement to his children in their career journeys. He now offers a bit of advice to other dads. “Life is short,” he said. “Put your family first and appreciate and take care of what you have. Teach your children as much as you can.”

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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