CPS Energy team offers free virtual safety presentations

This year COVID -19 introduced all sorts of changes across the country – businesses temporarily closed, parents started working from home, and schools shut down and transitioned to remote instruction. Teachers and parents were left with uncertainty but quickly adapted to the ever-changing pandemic to creatively engage students who, for the last few weeks of the school year, had to learn from home.

Though the pandemic has afforded families more time at home with loved ones, the risk of injury during this time has increased. “It’s easy to forget about the dangers around our homes and businesses when we are all focused on the coronavirus,” said Rosemarie Aguillon, Outreach Specialist for CPS Energy. “With children looking for ways to stay busy and entertained, and parents working on DIY projects, it’s important for our team to continue to raise awareness in our community about the potential dangers associated with electricity and natural gas.”

To educate the community of these dangers, CPS Energy’s Community Engagement Outreach team conducts safety education presentations year-round, and now virtually during the pandemic. The team presented to a third-grade class from Sarah King Elementary on the importance of safety, utilizing video conferencing technology as they readied for summer. “Our team conducts safety presentations to students, first responders, contractors, and anyone who invites us to speak,” said Randy DeLeon, Outreach Specialist for CPS Energy. “While the pandemic has changed how we deliver our message, it hasn’t changed our drive and passion for protecting our community.  Safety is our top priority, so we will continue to be creative, flexible, and use technology to ensure our community is aware of potential hazards that lurk all around us.”

Even during these times of social distancing, taking safety measures doesn’t mean our customers can’t enjoy themselves and the outdoors, it just means taking extra precautions to protect themselves and their families.  And while we continue to face uncertainty, one thing remains the same and is clear, CPS Energy is committed to providing safe, reliable energy to our customers and, more importantly, ensuring that customers and employees stay safe and healthy.

Tips to stay safe at home and work around electricity and natural gas can be found at It is important that parents, customers, and employees always make safety a priority. Virtual safety presentations in English or Spanish offer valuable training resources unique to contractors, first responders, teachers and students, and other organizations. To request a free safety presentation, contact CPS Energy’s Outreach team at (210) 353-3939 or [email protected].

See the team in action here. 

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