CPS Energy sponsors TribTalk to encourage conversation

The Texas Tribune is calling TribTalk “a digital forum for dialogue and debate about issues of the day. Think of it as an op-ed page for the 21st century.”

We call anything that encourages greater and more nuanced dialogue on the myriad issues facing Texas a great idea, and CPS Energy is proud to be a part of it.

TribTalk launched this week with provocative columns from some of Texas’ most respected voices. It’s mixing politics with the most pressing issues of our day: transportation, education, water, energy and the environment.

To encourage dialogue, TribTalk editors have urged contributors to engage with readers via an “innovative commenting system.”

The Texas Tribune is funding TribTalk in part by allowing sponsors to contribute, and CPS Energy is pleased to be part of its debut with a piece from CPS Energy’s CEO Doyle Beneby, “Disruptive change benefits industry and customers.”

It’s a theme Beneby has been hitting hard in recent months, as the energy industry finds itself facing a dizzying array of challenges: “an evolving competitive wholesale market, where price spikes can trigger sudden increases in customer bills; an abundant supply of natural gas; federal carbon regulations triggering limits on the use of coal plants; disruptive technologies like rooftop solar and demand response that reduce energy use, and maybe most importantly, customers’ changing expectations of service.”

Embracing those changes rather than sticking our collective heads in the sand might be difficult, might be expensive and might involve making mistakes along the way, Beneby acknowledges.

“It’s certainly not typical for a company like ours to work so hard to sell less of its product,” he writes. “But the benefits are obvious: lower bills; reduced air pollutants; fewer power plants and the corresponding debt to build them; a more reliable grid and perhaps best of all, happier customers.”

CPS Energy sponsors TribTalk because as we, along with energy companies around Texas, take on resource adequacy, the smart grid, increased renewables, new federal clean air and water regulations, more sophisticated demand response opportunities and companies like Google and Apple eyeing ways into the industry, we want to talk about it — with you.



Tracy Idell Hamilton

Tracy Idell Hamilton was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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  • CEO Doyle is getting rich with all the bonus and fat pay he gets Will the poor stragglers to pay their bills


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