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CPS Energy has been recognized as the winner of a prestigious CS Week Expanding Excellence Award by CS Week 2018 at the annual conference held in Tampa, Fl. The Expanding Excellence Award, Level 1 – Innovation in People & Process, honors for innovative approaches in engaging customers and improving the customer experience. CPS Energy was recognized for its Mobile Support Center, a 38-foot RV used to enhance customer service.

CPS Energy was honored in the Innovation in People & Process category which recognizes utilities for innovative, low-tech or non-technological approaches to improving customer service in the meter-to-cash customer experience lifecycle which emphasize soft skills, general solutions and non-automated approaches to engage customers and/or improve the customer experience are the foundation for this category. Category winner are as follows:

  • Level 1 Winner: CPS Energy – Mobile Support Center
  • Level 1 Finalist: ComEd
  • Level 2 Winner: Intermountain Rural Electric Association

In 2017, CPS Energy launched its Mobile Support Center (MSC), a visibly branded 38-foot, 12 ton RV equipped with technology to make it a multi-faceted mobile device that enhances customer service awareness and visibility in the community. The MSC is also designed to provide extended outage response, national storm response, and an outdoor classroom for students and contractors to learn about public safety, in addition to increasing customer engagement, promoting customer assistance programs and other CPS Energy programs, and serving as an enrollment center in various community events. The MSC’s design and functions were created with our customers in mind, rendering itself to be more than a “bus” and to be a community and educational resource.

“Our Mobile Support Center demonstrates a proactive, innovative approach to provide the best service to our customers, and we are thrilled to receive this award for our efforts,” said Maria Garcia, Vice President of Community & Key Accounts Engagement. “This project gives us the opportunity to improve the customer experience and engage with our customers in their neighborhoods when they need us.”

Rod Litke, CEO of CS Week, announced winners and finalists of the prestigious CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards at the annual Conference. These awards recognize excellence in customer service by large and small utilities.

“Announcing the Expanding Excellence Awards is always a personal highlight for me,” Litke explained, “because these projects and implementations become role models for countless other utilities. Most projects are highly disruptive to normal business activities, but utilities overcome these challenges with planning, flexibility and training. They recognize the service improvements these projects and implementations bring to customers and to their own business and operations. Now implemented or online, these improvements produce value-added services and have a day-to-day impact on their customers’ experience while improving accuracy, reducing costs, enhancing data collection and analytics, and converging customer-facing with back office systems. Congratulations to our deserving 2018 winners and finalists.”

(Image) Community Programs Director Jesse Hernandez accepts the award from Rod Litke, CEO of CS Week.

Community Programs Director Jesse Hernandez accepts the award from Rod Litke, CEO of CS Week.

CS Week, the premier annual educational and customer service conference that serves professionals at electric, gas and water/wastewater utilities across North America and around the world, awards two class levels: Level 1 for utilities with $500M and greater and Level 2 for utilities with less than $500M in annual revenues. Fifteen utilities were saluted at the awards ceremony by hundreds of utility attendees and industry partners for projects, implementations and programs implemented during 2016 or 2017 in four categories.

Short videos highlighting CPS Energy and other winning utilities was shown at the general session. For more information about the 2018 award winners and finalists or a complete listing of CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards and categories, visit

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