CPS Energy lineworkers ready for competition

It’s about camaraderie, skill and of course—bragging rights. Five teams of CPS Energy journeymen lineworkers and a handful of apprentices are traveling to the Annual Texas Lineman’s Rodeo, hosted by the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association. The team will get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, July 20 to head to Nolte Island in Seguin. The rodeo is an open and unbiased competition where electric utilities showcase their employee’s talents in a fun, learning atmosphere where families and friends are always welcome.

The CPS Energy team has put in hours of training to prepare to take on the best teams that the state of Texas has to offer. It all comes down to sharpening the proficient methods that are part of the profession of high voltage linework. Advances in equipment and technology have made the job safer, but our lineworkers are still working with energized lines, meaning there is up to 34,500 volts of live electricity at arm’s length. It’s not an easy job and the Lineman’s Rodeo is a celebration to the craft.   

Be sure to stop by Nolte Island to cheer on the team and maybe dance to a song or two!

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