Compassionate giving tops United Way goal paving way for good year

2019 is going to be a great year! How can we be sure? Because we have demonstrated our compassion to LIVE UNITED 46 million times over. That’s how many dollars we collectively gave as a community to our local United Way to improve lives here. The total far surpassed the 2018 campaign goal of $41.25 million.

Simply put, all of our donations mean when one of our neighbors, loved ones, coworkers, friends or even our own families experience a life crisis or challenge, there’s an increased chance that a United Way agency will be there. Need a meal? There are United Way agencies that can put one on the table. Ready to get help with a drinking or substance abuse issue? There are treatment facilities. Child going through depression or mental health issues? Reach out for support and assistance. Fighting cancer? A United Way agency will put on the gloves with you.

Our combined giving funds essential programs and services at 69 United Way agencies. Last year, one in three, or 680,000 people, received help.

Here at CPS Energy, our team members and retirees reached deep to keep our People First commitment. Overall, our 2018 campaign gave more than $1.19 million. We are glad to be part of a compassionate community that knows how to LIVE UNITED!

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Christine Patmon

Christine is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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