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Citizens Address Board in Public Input Session

For the second time this year, CPS Energy hosted a Board Public Input Session to hear the opinions of the community in regards to our Flexible Path. More than 40 citizens spoke directly to the board as well as many company leaders who were in attendance.

The meeting began with a safety message and a brief presentation from President & CEO Paula Gold-Williams. Paula gave the audience a refresher on Flexible Path and talked about how eager she was to hear their input.

“We don’t take it lightly that you spend your evening here with us,” Paula said. “We continue to want input on the Flexible Path. The conversations that we’ve had all year long about it really help us think about what the possibilities are for the future.”

Paula also stressed the company is owned by its customers.

“The assets that we get to manage every day are community assets,” she said. “You own these assets. We are a business owned by the community and we understand that our customers are our beacon.”

San Antonio is growing faster than nearly any other city in the country, and even though there’s a need for more services and infrastructure, Paula said we’re always looking for ways to avoid passing that extra cost down to the customer.

“Growth is good, but it’s going to cause some extra stress on what we have,” she said. “Conservation and energy efficiency in all our programs has helped us. It’s left us in a position where we’re not demanding too much and we haven’t had a rate increase because we always look at how we can cut costs internally.”

After a few more words about the company’s volunteer efforts in the community, Paula thanked the attendees again and ceded the floor for their comments. Those who spoke brought up a variety of topics, such as the environment, CPS Energy’s customer service efforts and advances in energy technology. Board members and senior leadership listened intently for over two hours as each person spoke.

CPS Energy holds regular events such as this because we believe the customer’s voice is of utmost importance. Paula summed it up best in the closing words of her presentation.

“It’s not a plan that we have, it’s a path, because we are going to make updates with your input and the changing of technology. We want to make sure that we are paying attention. We listen to you and make sure that all of our activities are focused on this community.”

Couldn’t make this Board Public Input Session but want to give your input? Email [email protected]

Trace Levos

Trace is a part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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