Free weatherization program cuts customer’s energy bill in half

Many of us can escape a hot summer day by simply staying indoors in our comfortable, air-conditioned homes.

But for Carolyn Reed, there was no escape from the heat.

Reed’s East Side home, built more 80 years ago, lacked insulation. Cracks in doors and walls allowed outside air to leak in, keeping the inside temperature of her 900-square foot home well into the 80s. The winter months were equally challenging.

“My house was super hot in the summer and freezing in the winter,” said Reed. “I had to wear coats to bed because it was so cold.”

The conditions were miserable and expensive. But Reed didn’t have money to invest in energy efficiency.

Luckily, she qualified for CPS Energy’s free Casa Verde program, which offers an average of $5,000 of insulation and other energy saving measures for qualifying customers.

Employees of the Casa Verde weatherization team reviewed Reed’s proof of income and other documentation to confirm her eligibility. Then they scheduled a contractor to assess her home to make sure it was structurally sound and could benefit from weatherization.

The contractor identified the most cost beneficial energy efficiency improvements and gave the thumbs up for work to begin.

Casa Verde
Reed points out a solar screen installed by contractors to repel sulight and keep her home cool.

Reed received attic and wall insulation, weather stripping to doors and windows, and solar screens. A new vented wall furnace combined with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors made her home both safe and energy efficient.

“I was just amazed at everything they did,” said Reed. “They did everything in a timely manner and I love all the improvements they made to my home. The crew was very nice and courteous to us.”

The Casa Verde team then inspected the work to confirm it was complete and done with quality. Reed had hoped the program would help but didn’t imagine how much.

“My house is so comfortable now. It stays cool in the summer and keeps me warm in the winter,” she said. “I was paying close to $200 in the summer, but now I’m paying about half as much. This program is such a blessing.”

Reed is one of about 10,000 customers that the Casa Verde team has helped since the program started in 2009.

If you have trouble keeping your home cool in the summer and affording energy bills, you may qualify for Casa Verde. Take this quick survey today to see if you qualify!

“If you are eligible for Casa Verde, you definitely need to apply for this free program,” said Reed. “It will help you survive the hot summers and cold winter weather that we experience every year.”

To apply for Casa Verde or any other bill saving program, visit or come see us in person at Judson Middle School, 9695 Schaeffer Rd, on Thursday, May 21 from 4 – 6 p.m. 


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Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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