Bumping up your a/c thermostat an easy way to save

“Bump up and save.”

You may have heard this phrase recently from the meteorologists at News 4 WOAI or KABB Fox News, or seen it on their Facebook pages.

It’s an effort to remind our customers that even though hot summer days means higher utility bills, we all have the ability to control how much energy we buy and lower our bills.

Bumping your a/c thermostat up just two degrees, say from 76 degrees to 78 degrees, or 78 degrees to 80 degrees, can save you money on your bill. Doing so means your air conditioner works just a little less hard to keep your home cool – and the less it works, the less it costs.

Better yet, take advantage of our FREE Smart Thermostat or Home Manager programs, which allow you to program your air conditioner to tick up a couple of degrees – or more! – when you leave the house, and cool it back down before you get home. Doing so can mean a 10 percent savings each month, or more, depending on where you set your thermostat.

It won’t be long and the smart grid will become part of the San Antonio electrical grid. Bringing this interactive technology to our community will allow for even more ways to manage the amount of energy you’re buying to keep things comfortable.   Once the smart grid portal is in place in 2015, you’ll have the ability to monitor your own usage–and change habits to save your family money–in almost real time. Smart meter installations begin in mid August and the portal will be activated early next year.

In the meantime, learn more ways to save energy and money by visiting cpsenergysavers.com

Or just remember: Bump up and save!

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Tracy Idell Hamilton

Tracy Idell Hamilton was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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