Bates Container Co. seeks savings with demand response

A San Antonio company is giving back to the community in a way that will help CPS Energy keep costs down this… read more

June 23, 2014 comments

A ‘smart’ way to save with your window AC

Becky Torres likes being practical. She and her teenage daughter Rebecca live in a modest home on San Antonio’s southwest… read more

June 20, 2014 comments

CPS Energy CEO: distributed generation challenges are solvable

The rapid growth of rooftop solar has presented new opportunities and benefits for municipally owned utilities, but adding more distributed… read more

June 19, 2014 comments

Kids’ Fish leaves young anglers reelin’

The warm sun shone brilliantly through the morning clouds and a soft breeze blew across Calaveras Lake creating gentle ripples… read more

June 13, 2014 comments

CPS Energy offers City Council updates on smart grid, solar

CPS Energy presented to the San Antonio City Council Wednesday updates on two key projects: CPS Energy's Smart Grid Initiative and… read more

June 12, 2014 comments

CPS Energy, customers partner to reduce energy demand

Congratulations, San Antonio! Residential and commercial energy efficiency and demand response programs reduced the community’s demand for energy by 160… read more

June 12, 2014 comments

Energy Savings & Tech Tour starts June 10

What does wasted milk have to do with energy? Just as you wouldn't knowingly pour more milk in your glass than… read more

June 9, 2014 comments

New Energy Economy impact estimated at $622 million, more to come

More than 378 new, full-time jobs, $21.5 million in payroll, $105 million in construction and $1.2 million in education contributions… read more

June 9, 2014 comments

Give yourself a break this summer. Get paid to save energy

Summer's here. While that means vacation and time off, your air conditioner and thermostat will be working overtime to keep… read more

June 4, 2014 comments

CPS Energy prepared for EPA carbon rule

CPS Energy supports plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and has been on an aggressive path to diversify and reduce… read more

June 2, 2014 comments
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