Bates Container Co. seeks savings with demand response

A San Antonio company is giving back to the community in a way that will help CPS Energy keep costs down this summer — and that saves everyone money.

The Bates Container Company in southwest San Antonio is participating in CPS Energy’s Demand Response Program for the first time.

They’ve volunteered to cut back on their energy use when demand is highest, on the hottest summer afternoons. The energy saving changes are unnoticeable to building users, but they add up to big savings when combined with small changes from other companies which also participate.

Companies enrolled in the program say the generous rebate checks are a great incentive.

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Demand response is an integral part of CPS Energy’s strategy to save 771 megawatts by 2020.  Learn how your business, school or institution can enroll.


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Roy Galvan

Roy is part of the Corporate Communications team & videographer at CPS Energy.

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