Are you buying the same amount of energy as your neighbors?

Have you ever wondered how your energy buy compares to your neighbors?  My Energy Portal lets you actually see and track your monthly energy use and compare it to similar homes in your area.

After logging in to Manage My Account to view my account balance, I decided to take a few minutes to explore the online features. I clicked on the My Energy Usage tab and was shocked to learn that my family’s energy use was 20 percent higher compared to those around me.


I thought, how could that be?  My home is only ten years old and my appliances are energy efficient.  That thought still swirling in my head I turned to the living room/kitchen area of my home and counted five lights on, plus the television that no one was watching.

Most people, including our family, don’t think twice about leaving the lights on. My Energy Portal, showed me how not thinking about consumption was costing us money and why our use was higher.

While in the portal, I was able to set a goal to reduce goalconsumption by five percent as well as evaluate my energy use, view my history and compare previous months. I also accessed a library filled with more than 170 energy-saving tips. With my new knowledge, I can now take action to reduce energy waste and make a plan that includes simple changes.

I learned that even though our home is energy efficient, our family needs to evaluate habits and behaviors in order to have a positive impact on our energy use and costs. Thankfully, My Energy Portal will help us better manage our energy use.

How My Energy Portal works

My Energy Portal takes the energy you use and compares it to the usage patterns of a group of about 100 neighbors whose homes are within one mile of yours and about the same and style, i.e. one-story or two-story. The portal uses normal, public information about local homes.

Customers can complete a quick survey about their home to help the portal make more specific comparisons. The survey can be found on the home page under the link “tell us about your home.”

Having access to energy information up to the day before allows customers to make informed decisions about the energy they buy.  To compare your use with your neighbors, visit, enroll in Manage My Account and click on the My Energy tab.

Take a few minutes to learn about the many features of My Energy portal and how you can save.

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  • How do you guys aggregate information about other local residents to allow customers to see what their “neighbors” are using?


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