Add green to your yard and your wallet!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, a day where some folks celebrate by sporting green attire, green hair and green accessories. How about putting some ‘green’ in your yard and your pocket? Read on.

Gerry Lopez says that when he moved into his new home six years ago, neighbors were sparse and so was the greenery. Now, only a couple of lots are vacant in his northwest San Antonio subdivision and young thriving trees are branched out across his yard. Gerry shared the above photo.

“We were interested in adding trees for several reasons – shade, attractiveness and the value they add to our property,” he says. “They help the environment, too. I know because we had some birds build a nest in one of the trees right away.”

When planted in the right locations, trees also can reduce a homeowner’s energy use by up to 25 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

That can mean a significant savings on your energy bill.

You can add even more green to your wallet when you take advantage of our Green Shade Tree Rebate program, like Gerry.

(Image) Humberto Aguilar stands next to the tree he planted, for which he received a $50 rebate.
Humberto Aguilar stands next to the tree he planted, for which he received a $50 rebate.

He purchased two cedar elms and three live oaks that each qualified for a $50 rebate through the program. That’s $250 in rebates! Gerry learned about the program from a landscaper, who also showed him how to submit the required paperwork.

“The application process was really simple,” he said.

Like Gerry, Humberto Aguilar heard about our Green Shade rebate through an acquaintance and also earned $250 in rebates through the program.

“You’re putting in trees, pretty much for free!” Humberto says. He purchased and planted five qualifying pecan trees on his property east of San Antonio to help shade his home and because he loves trees!

Gerry and Humberto are two of our more than 5,500 customers who’ve taken advantage of our Green Shade program since it took root in 2010.

“Trees are vital to our community for many reasons,” said Beth Lettman, CPS Energy Green Shade Tree Rebate program coordinator. “They help clean the air; stabilize soils; improve aesthetics and property values; and replace tree canopy that’s lost due to new construction, disease or fire. They can even help you reduce energy consumption, when planted in the proper locations.”

So spring into action this Spring and take advantage of our Green Shade Tree Rebate program. When you do, you’ll earn a $50 rebate for each qualifying tree you purchase and plant (up to a lifetime maximum of five trees). Be sure to purchase your qualifying trees by the program’s April 30 deadline.

You can find more info about the Green Shade Tree Rebate program, as well as helpful tips about what trees to plant and where to plant them, on our website,

Remember, you must call 811 before you dig; it’s the law.


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