Albert Cantu’s Money Saving Minute: Air conditioning tips

There’s no denying that Texas is home to some of the hottest weather in the country. Beating the summer heat… read more

July 23, 2013 comments

CPS Energy, solar companies seek local suppliers

Engineering. Security. Landscaping. Steel manufacturing. SCADA systems. Cloud storage. Recycling. Site surveying. Solid Waste Removal. Office Supplies. Industrial Packaging. Cleaning.… read more

July 19, 2013 comments

CPS Energy linemen: THIS is how we rodeo!

Ever wonder about those guys working at the top of an electrical pole? You can see them in action this… read more

July 18, 2013 comments

Rackspace collaborates with CPS Energy to save money, energy and emissions

When your company’s motto is Fanatical Support, an unscheduled power outage is not acceptable. That’s why Melissa Gray, Rackspace’s director… read more

July 11, 2013 comments

Nexolon solar jobs ripple across San Antonio

Let’s hear it for the ripple effect. Nexolon America, a consortium partner with OCI Solar Power on the 400 MW… read more

July 10, 2013 comments

Complex variables make solar comparisons difficult

CPS Energy’s 400 MW solar power agreement with OCI Solar Power was recently compared — unfavorably — with two large-scale… read more

July 10, 2013 comments

Sierra Club: Kudos to CPS Energy for emissions reductions

The Sierra Club lauded CPS Energy today for the utility’s dramatic drop in air emissions in 2012. Those reductions include:… read more

July 10, 2013 comments

CPS Energy, Solar San Antonio work together on solar rebate changes

CPS Energy and Solar San Antonio, with input from local solar installers, have come up with a fix to an… read more

June 27, 2013 comments

CPS Energy leading on greenhouse gas reductions

President Obama announced Tuesday an array of steps his administration will take in the coming years to reduce greenhouse gas… read more

June 25, 2013 comments

CPS Energy initiative brings jobs, investment to San Antonio area

Happy 2nd birthday, New Energy Economy. Two years ago today, CPS Energy CEO Doyle Beneby stood on a darkened stage at… read more

June 20, 2013 comments
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